Rafi, our founder, was raised in Chefchaouen, an ancient city at the foot of the Rif Mountains in the northwest corner of Morocco.  Commonly referred to as the Blue City,  Chefchaouen is renowned for its hospitality and its striking blue-washed buildings. With its many hues of beautiful brilliant blues, its galleries, and its shops, it is a remarkable Mediterranean city that many travelers have nicknamed the “blue pearl of Morocco.”

Fueled by his passion for discovery, new things, and new places, Rafi relocated to the US to continue his business education and to advance his career in a more demanding and fast-paced environment. With each passing year, his yearning to begin his own venture increased, and he was especially drawn to businesses in which he could serve people and give them memorable experiences.

Rafi decided to follow his passion for great food as an entrepreneur. He envisioned delighting his guests by bringing together some of the best traditional meals from his treasured Mediterranean heritage along with some American favorites like his signature flame broiled burger plus many modern and enticing menu offerings. He uses the freshest ingredients sourced from local farmers when seasonally available.

Blue Village Grill began with the promise of serving a mouthwatering Mediterranean-American cuisine in a courteous and family-oriented setting. The name of the restaurant is reminiscent of Chefchaouen’s warm hospitality and its reputation for great food and service.