All about the Beyond burger

We get it, being vegetarian or vegan can be tough in a place that prides themselves on serving quality meat from grass fed beef and antibiotic free chicken. That is why we serve the vegan beyond burger™! It “bleeds” like meat, smells like meat, tastes like meat, but is completely meat free! if you are not losing your mind about the patty, wait till you take a bite and taste the sauce, Blue Village Grill mixes Vegan Mayonnaise and Mediterranean spices into an absolutely DELICIOUS sauce!

You can hang out here with your meat loving buddies without having food envy or being stuck with yet another salad (but still try them because our salads are delicious too!)

And hey, meat lover, yeah you! Want to save the environment without sacrificing your tastebuds?
Join Paul Mc Carney’s Meat free Monday and be surprised by the deliciousness of the Beyond burger™.

Northeast Minneapolis