The Colors of Blue Village Grill

Here at Blue Village Grill, we understand the importance of a restaurant as not only a place to eat, but as a place to connect with family and friends, to take a break from the demands of everyday life, and to relax and refuel. For these reasons, we wanted to create an environment that was friendly and welcoming, and color played an important role in doing so. The bright hues of blue, orange, and green that are used throughout the interior of the restaurant are not only vibrant and playful, but they are also meaningful.


The blue is taken from Chefchaouen, Morocco, known as the blue pearl of Morocco. This city is bursting with blue-hued buildings, and is the hometown of Blue Village Grill’s owner, Rafi. You may also see some food influences from Chefchaouen on the menu!

The green symbolizes the fresh and local ingredients that Blue Village Grill uses. Our food is not only delicious, but is responsibly sourced and healthy. This means no antibiotics, beef that's never been frozen, and ingredients sourced from farmers within a 300-mile radius of the Blaine restaurant.

Finally, the orange is a reference to the hot grill that is used to cook much of Blue Village Grill’s food. 

These colors help reinforce Blue Village Grill’s mission to offer locally sourced foods with the spirit of Mediterranean hospitality to the people of Blaine, but also work together to create an environment where families and individuals can sit back, relax, and enjoy a good meal.


Special thanks to our friends at Kazoo Branding for all their help with the creation and execution of the Blue Village Grill brand.

Ellen Puls